New Google My Business Features for Local SEO

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Every enterprise online today requires visibility on the google SERPS. Many companies recognize that this means improving their websites and Google Ads, but what most do not know is that there is a third very vital thing that still needs to be optimized: their Google business listing. Officially known as your Company Profile, this influential listing is a visual snapshot of your business that highlights your best attributes and allows prospective buyers to easily locate, learn about, and interact with you—all from SERP. The concern is not the Google My business platform; it’s that not nearly enough companies are taking full advantage of its amazing features , due to this we will be sharing the top 10 optimisation strategies :-

1.) Optimize your google business profile :-
Firstly, it is important to remember here that the Google Business Profile is a different entity from the Google My Business Account. This is used to obtain entry to and refine the former. This means that you need to have a Google My Business account and then tell Google to link to your Google Business Profile in order to allow the optimizations set out in this guide.

2.) Complete every section of your business account :-
By Completing all the aspects of your Google Business Profile not only allows Google to rate you higher in local search results, but it also raises the amount of acts consumers take as they find your profile.

3.) Be careful with contact information :-
Here are the steps to optimize the contact details in your Google Business Profile:

  • Make sure your business name is the same as the one you use on your store signs. In other terms, just like it appears in the physical world. Adding the place name (unless it is in your brand name) or keywords is called spam by Google and you could be penalized.
  • Make sure your business name and address fit your other listings exactly around the internet. This suggests that “st” vs. “street” or “co” vs. “company” is used regularly. Google’s algorithm takes note of these inconsistencies when determining the reputation.
  • Indicate both your daily and your holiday hours. This inspires shoppers to visit you and also removes the opportunity for a bad comment left by anyone who made the ride to your shop only to find it closed.

4.) Write a brief business description :-
The first thing to remember is that the short summary that appears just below your company name in your Business Profile is not in your hands. This is the editorial review that Google is writing to ensure continuity and consistency around the web.

5.) Decide and choose a Category
Choosing a group and category is a must to optimize your Google Business Profile. Here’s the reason:

Get discovered in the quest for exploration. A total of 84 per cent of Google’s Business Profile views come from discovery searches (meaning that the user searched for a product, service or categorical word and the business profile appeared), compared to just 16 per cent from direct searches (the consumer typed in the business name or address). This is particularly true for companies whose name does not indicate their operation (e.g., Fresh Express or Amelia’s catering).

Highlight category-specific features. Once you pick a group, Google can make it accessible to you unique features that make your profile more appealing and effective. For example, restaurants can have a menu or booking button; hotel profiles are drawn in star ratings; hair salons can confirm that they have experience with slim or curly hair. This information will help customers to prefer you over your rivals.

6.) Select the right attributes
Once you pick a category, Google will send you a list of attributes you can check off to better explain your company. Attributes are unique items that future consumers are looking for, such as “gift store on-site” or “free wi-fi.”

Attributes are not exclusive to the Google My Business platform; (review sites like yahoo, Yelp have them, too). But Google’s attributes get really big, like “great for working on a laptop” or “common for travellers.”

7.) Add Photos
Uploading photographs to your Business Profile using your Google My Business account dashboard is relevant for three reasons:

  • Ensure the accuracy of it. Anyone can add pictures to your Business Profile, which ensures you’re going to get a choice of quality. By inserting your own awesome pictures, you will make sure your profile looks the best.
  • Be active, please. Adding images periodically shows to Google that your profile is active and up-to-date, which has a favourable effect on your ranking.
  • Have the pictures in the results. Google is moving on with image recognition and is beginning to use images in local searches.

8.) Focus on Getting Google Reviews
If you were to get a list of companies in search results, which one would you be most likely to choose? The one with four attractive yellow stars or the one of the two below without any ratings at all? Google recognizes that ratings have a #1 effect on customer purchases, so this is a primary ranking consideration in their algorithm. You can also see for yourself the effect of the reviews on rankings.

9.) Make active posts to your google business profile
As with social media sites, you can upload announcements, deals, activities and items on your Google Business Profile. Posts are made in your Google My Business dashboard and are shown in the “Updates” section at the bottom of your Business Profile. However, they can become more popular on the basis of a search query.

10.) Answer and ask questions
Have you seen on Amazon that there is a forum with questions and answers in addition to the product summary and user reviews? Google has the same functionality in Google Business Profiles. Answers to these questions can be an incentive for the consumer to select your company. However, this segment is especially useful for optimizing because not only can anyone pose a question about the Google profile of a company, but even anyone can answer it.

Like every Local SEO approach, the Google My business strategy should focus on having as much quality information about your business as possible; not only in your Business Profile, but in the channels that Google uses to populate—your website, site profile reviews, and even your social media accounts. So concentrate on using your Google My business dashboard to get your Business Profile to reflect your business as correctly and fully as possible, and then ensure that it stays in place and that you enjoy the benefits.