How Can Voice Search Benefit Your SEO?

How Can Voice Search Benefit Your SEO

Search Engine Optimizing, or SEO, can play an integral in the success of your digital marketing efforts. It essentially helps rank your website higher than the competitor’s websites, increasing not only brand awareness but site traffic and relevance as well. If you, too, are in the same boat, you might want to consider adding voice search capabilities to your SEO strategy. This will undoubtedly give your business a better chance to showcase itself and attract more traffic.

However, SEO optimisation has come a long way since its inception. Nowadays, with more profound technological advancements and higher competition in the online world, companies are looking for new ways to uplift their websites.

How Popular Is Voice Search?

Every acclaimed brand, whether it is Google, Apple, Windows or Amazon, has incorporated high-quality voice assistants in their systems. While there is a lot a user can do with such voice assistants, one of the primary ways it helps them is by finding answers. Essentially, anything that a user would turn to a search engine for, they can now do with voice assistants.

Given such capabilities, it is not a surprise why voice search can offer amazing SEO opportunities for businesses. Surveys have shown more than 70% of users prefer voice search when compared to physical typing the search.

Even as much as 55% of users tend to voice search to find information about local businesses. This is enough reason to ensure that your website is available and uses such features for a better grasp of the market.

However, just because your website has relevant content does not mean it will show up on the voice search answers. There are a few important things you need to learn about optimising your website for voice search before you implement it in your SEO strategy.

What Do You Understand By Voice Search?

Before you get into the intricacies of voice search, you need to understand what it is. Simply put, voice search allows users worldwide to use vocal commands to acquire online resources on smart devices.

So instead of the more conventional way of typing out your search, you will use your voice to make the search. For this to work, any smart device typically processes the language through artificial intelligence, then consults the search engine and retrieves the most relevant result.

A good thing about voice search is that you can use it for any and all kinds of inquiries. These can be straight-up one-word questions, for instance, the meaning of a word, or directions, to more complicated explanations, say about a local business or service.

With time, voice search capabilities are getting better. For instance, in Google’s case, they are implementing the use of natural language processing to do this. Natural language processing allows Google’s machines to not only read but also interpret questions much as a human would. With it, Google can understand searches semantically, allowing them to understand what was meant by the search than just what was said.

How Does It Help Your SEO?

While it is quite clear that voice search has made things a lot easier and more efficient for users, not many understand the several positive implications it can have on your online business. For every inquiry on a voice assistant, the voice search reads the answer aloud.

For more meagre things, like directions, it will often give you what it requires. However, for the more intricate and long searches, the voice assistant turns to websites with organic content. This is where you can make the most of your business and SEO strategy.

Usually, whatever is the top-most ranked website will be read out to the users as it gets deemed as the most authoritative resource for that question.

Since the majority of SEO is about building a strong online presence and coming out as a reliable source, showing up as a voice search result can really help. In short, if you are looking to grow your business through SEO, showing up on voice search results should be a priority.

That said, it all comes down to how well you optimise your website for voice assistants. With years of experience and qualified professionals, Dubai SEO Company is the best SEO company that can help you attain success.

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