8 Ways SEO Pros Are Using ChatGPT Right Now

8 Ways SEO Pros Are Using ChatGPT Right Now

ChatGPT refers to a massive language learning model. Using ChatGPT can conversationally interact with users, address errors, answer follow-up queries and deny irrelevant requests using large amounts of data and artificial intelligence. The OpenAI-made chatbot might not be Google’s direct competitor. However, it is changing the conducting pattern of searches. Needless to mention, it will have a big impact on SEO.

With ChatGPT you can expect normal participation in discussions and answer to questions like humans. From writing poems to fictional stories and essays, it has you all covered. Additionally, it can even write meta descriptions. But how are experts at every SEO company in Dubai already using ChatGPT?

8 Ways SEO Professionals are Making the Most of ChatGPT

The new AI-powered chatbot has great potential when it comes to bringing a revolutionary change to search engine optimization. Here are some of the ways it is being used by different SEO experts.

Professionals are Using them to Create Content

Content creation isn’t simple but is a tedious procedure, especially if you haven’t yet hired a skilled writer. This is the reason why the experts are relying on ChatGPT to create social media posts, PPC’s landing page copy, ad copy and email pitches. Besides, it can also prove to be an interesting brainstorming tool. If you can use the tool carefully, you can use ChatGPT to streamline various redundant content tasks like ad variations. However, make sure to go through generated content to check for inaccuracies.

Used for Keyword Analysis and Research

The professionals are leveraging the power of ChatGPT to turn the procedure of keyword research seamless. All the SEO experts are required to do is open the chatbot and type some of the target keywords and ask for relevant ones. The ChatGPT will offer a huge list of all the top keywords according to its understanding of the search results.

Used for Double-Checking Spelling Mistakes and Grammar

ChatGPT is known to assume the role of a daily writing assistant, courtesy of the GPT-3 computer program. You can improve your overall writing style and quality by adhering to the chatbot’s feedback and suggestions. Moreso, the chat can also auto-correct grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.

Build AI-Backed Customer Service

Effective and reliable customer service is key to achieving optimal growth in any business. After all, it is the only effective way in achieving 100% customer satisfaction, especially when it is available round the clock and throughout the day. Apart from content creation, the chatbot might conduct linguistic activities like answering questions, translating, summarising and paraphrasing. The major advantage is that it offers personalized responses to every client, making sure that the consumers promptly get the information they need.

Used for Creating Original Content

AI-backed ChatGPT can transform digital marketing Dubai and SEO, creating new scope and possibilities. The chatbot can offer text generation that is different from human-created material, because of its autoregressive language model. Having excellent content is key to improving organic traffic and achieving the trust of the readers. ChatGPT can offer content creation according to the most commonly used phrases and keywords.

Used for Analytics Reports Creation and Management

Digital marketers’ professional lives are mainly composed of spreadsheets and reports. Companies on the other side want data to prove that their efforts are bringing a major difference. ChatGPT can change the overall game. More so, this functionality can also help you to identify new ranking possibilities that you might have otherwise missed.

Used for Effective and Catchy SEO Titles Creation

Every writer knows the pain of creating interesting SEO titles. They often end up writing on topics like “How to Create Backlinks” Such topics aren’t interesting and appear dull. To make things interesting, ChatGPT can offer a huge list of backlinking pages.

Used for Content Strategy Creation

While it doesn’t offer granular plans, it does offer a high set of strategies for content about a certain field. One way of using a chatbot to create a content strategy is the scope that your close competitors will do similarly.

Used for Custom Pixel Conversions Configuration

If you are a digital marketing Dubai expert, then you might want to create a custom conversion when users perform various actions on the website but don’t have the help of a web developer. If you find the process difficult, you can always use Google Tag Manager when users select the link but might require something else that isn’t a GTM’s built-in feature.

ChatGPT and its high usage by SEO experts suggest that it shall get better with time. Dubai SEO Company is engaged in offering all the help you need in using ChatGPT to optimize your business profit or expand the same.