A Beginner’s Guide To SEO Keyword Research In 2021-22

Google has gone to the extreme to boost the user experience for the past couple of years. If you want to have your content within the top ten of the Google ranking, you need to create creative and engaging content. Figuring out the ideal keyword and using them effectively is vital for the search engine optimisation process.

Keyword research is the process of finding things that people search on the internet through search engines such as Google. People provide keywords to get specific data. Putting the keyword in a search engine can help the user to get desired results.

It provides deep knowledge about the queries that users search on Google. The data that you get from these search items is quite useful for making a strategy. If any business is looking for traffic then considering an SEO company will be a wise decision.

For SEO, you will find plenty of available freeware. The free SEO tools cannot compete with the paid tools. Most local SEO in Dubai use paid tools for their work. But do you know which devices are effective for your work?  Most SEO tools provide the same function as finding items based on the keyword on what people search on the internet.

Keyword research is essential for your search engine optimisation since it helps reach your business to a larger group of people with more digital ads. SEO company mainly focus on the rate of visibility of a particular website. The rate of visibility will determine your Google ranking.

According to a survey, most websites click on the top rank website for availing of any information. Thus, any business needs to stay at the top region of the search results. And when your business gets more attention, you will be able to convert potential prospects into buyers.

So it is important to invest in an SEO company since it can help you reach more audience, receive more traffic, and realise more sales. Now you have come to understand why keyword research is important, so let’s explore a few tricks for making keyword research effective.

Create A List Of Topics Which Is Relevant For Your Business

To start the process, you need to think about the relevant topics for the business, and the topic will help provide keywords. To find relevant topics for the business, you need to feel like a buyer. You can find topics that emerge from the sales conversation. Think according to buyer perspective and search relevant topics that your buyers would probably search.

Identifying keywords

After finding topics for the business, you need to identify the keywords that are relevant to the topics or fall under such topics. You should use those keywords that can help your business to rank up on search engine pages.

Verify The Intention Behind A Keyword  

As discussed before, the taste and preference of the audience is the most important factor that determines how well you can rank on search engines. The motive of local SEO in Dubai should be to solve all the queries of the audience rather than just making a topic with keywords.

It is easy to select keywords for the business, but a single keyword can have different meanings. When a person searches for a keyword, it can have many reasons behind it. Suppose if anyone is exploring “how to create a blog”, here blog can refer to either blog website or blog post. Therefore, you need to know the intention behind the keyword.

You need to know whether the user wants to know how to create engaging content or learn tips for launching a website. You should mould your content strategy according to the user’s intent. To confirm the reason behind the keyword, you can just simply put the keyword in Google and analyse the search results.

Notice The Search Recommendation To Figure Out Another Keyword

Make a list of items that are associated with the keyword. If you have never thought of this, then it’s time to think about it. It is an excellent way to find more keywords. So plug the keyword in the search engine and analyse the search item that emerges.

When somebody searches a keyword, they get numerous results, and when scrolling down, you will come across a few suggestions for searches. These keywords in the suggestion can help you kindle an idea of another keyword.

Look At The Keywords Your Rivals Are Using                                                                                       

If you want to remain at the top of the business, you need to pay attention to what your competitors are planning or doing. Take a look at the keywords that your competitors are using. It is one of the most effective tips for keyword research. If you come to know which keywords your competitors are using, you can give a fight to your competitors.

This will also help you to identify customers who are searching for this keyword tool. First, you need to log into the Google account and enter new keywords. After that, you get the results of the strongest competitors. Thus, you will get a list of topics and keywords according to the top-rank sites.

Find Keywords From The Frequently Asked Question From The New Lead

Creating question-based content is one of the best ways to achieve a higher SEO ranking. Since it helps to identify the common question of the customers which they ask frequently. When you can target the most frequent question, you can reach a larger group of the population looking for the answers to these questions.

There are certain things that you can try to explore what frequently asked questions your customer can ask regarding your product and services.  You can ask your customers about the questions they had in their minds when they initially started to research their products and services.

You can ask what their problems are? What do they need to do before making the final decision? These are a few examples of customer surveys, and it is a fast way to get the insights of customers. You can also discuss with your sales and marketing team to identify the common questions that customers make. So ask the sales department what question they frequently encounter from a new lead.


These tips can help you to find more keywords for your business. For best results, you can try approaching a local SEO in Dubai you are experts in website creating, designing and launching.