What Are The 5 Most Popular Social Media Platforms?

What Are The 5 Most Popular Social Media Platforms

While social media is all the rage in this generation, not every business can benefit. Therefore, the experts have evaluated the top social media platforms for your benefit. Social media essentially dominates the majority of the current generation. There are an estimated 4.65 billion social media users today on this planet. Social media users can find all the required information without leaving their preferred platform. And it’s not only the US; China has a billion social media users right now despite having 415 million people without access to the internet.

These are prospective clients for social media marketing companies, not merely eye-catching figures. Additionally, if you have a solid social media strategy, they might become paying customers. It’s regrettably not as simple as posting your awning on Facebook and waiting for business to flood in.

Top Social Media Platforms to Take into Account for Your Brand

You must always be aware of the top social media platforms of the day. This is regardless of whether you have the best SEO company taking care of stuff for your brand online. This approach will allow you to engage with relevant individuals, increase the reach of your business on social media, and accomplish your social media objectives.

Having a clear understanding of the scale of the social media platforms is not enough. Additionally, you may consider whether you and your company are a good fit for the social networking site.


A massive 3 billion people access Facebook every month. This statistic is enough to make it the most popular social networking platform. A different spin on this statistic shows that 37% of people worldwide use Facebook.

According to experts, Facebook is a reasonably secure pick if you want to establish a social media presence. This is since more than 200 million businesses—mostly small businesses—use its social media marketing capabilities, and more than seven million marketers regularly promote their company on the site.

This platform is user-friendly since it supports practically all content formats, including text, photos, video material, and Stories. The Facebook algorithm, on the other hand, gives content that encourages deep interactions and dialogues among people a higher priority.


YouTube users consume a massive billion hours of content daily on the platform. While they are the second-largest social media platform, it’s also the second-largest search engine. Therefore, you must count on it if you utilise video to market your business. The experts suggest you read up on YouTube SEO or consider using YouTube advertising to broaden your audience to help your videos find more people.


A mammoth 180 different countries use WhatsApp as their primary messaging service. Back then, people strictly depended on WhatsApp to text their relatives and friends. However, you can now interact with companies using WhatsApp.

Businesses can use WhatsApp’s business platform to provide customer care and keep customers informed about their purchases. Small businesses can use the WhatsApp Business app, and enterprise businesses can use the WhatsApp Business API. Due to its popularity, WhatsApp may make a great customer service channel for your business.


You can consider Instagram to showcase your goods or services through pictures or videos. This is effective since it’s a visual social networking site. On the application, you may share a variety of media.

You can create an Instagram business profile for your company. It will provide you with detailed metrics for your profile and posts. Furthermore, you may also be able to plan Instagram posts using other applications. Users regularly post content and tag brands, making it an excellent location to gather user-generated content from your audience.


TikTok is essentially a short-form video-sharing application. Even though it was only introduced in 2017, it has become one of the most significant growth rates worldwide and recently surpassed Google as the most popular website.​

Users of TikTok may generate and share 15–60 second videos, and the app includes a vast library of sound effects, music clips, and filters to improve and aesthetically improve the videos. Videos relating to practically all interests are available.


You don’t have to be present in every place at once. Therefore, regardless of the social media platform’s size or employing the best SEO company, consider whether your brand’s target demographic is present. Instead of producing mediocre material for five or more different platforms, focusing on two to three sites and executing them properly is preferable.